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Boca Radiology Group (BRG) offers Palm Beach County's most prestigious and sophisticated imaging services- including MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Angiography, Interventional, Virtual Colonoscopy, Cardiac Imaging, Mammography, PET scan, Bone Density, and Nuclear Medicine. BRG has served Boca Raton Regional Hospital (BRRH) since its opening in 1967, where we provide comprehensive imaging in Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach at the hospital and its affiliated imaging centers. We service the remainder of Palm Beach County with our state of the art RAYUS Radiology, Florida Southeast locations in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Wellington, West Palm Beach, and Palm Beach Gardens. Our centers have earned a national reputation for quality and excellence in providing superb diagnostic imaging, thoughtful patient care, and radiological interpretations that are second to none. Boca Radiology Group also offers high quality subspecialty interpretations throughout the United States via the internet utilizing high-speed, HIPAA- compliant teleradiology.